If Only…


A man finds his old flame and gets a chance to tell her of his heart.

Scenes of futures past

If Only… 

 It seemed like a lifetime ago he knew her and broke her heart. The one thing he never said, a phrase withheld in a hesitant heart.  She once looked him in the eye expectantly and something in him changed the subject. Then  school, career and the end of innocence came after that

Then came separate lives.

Years later, after a friend (now no longer such) played mind games with the knowledge that friends share, increasing his guilt and keeping her in the front of his memories. A life that could have been, a smile never forgotten, a sad look that never quit hurting.

Looking back he recalled her expectant smile. The words she never heard, whispered as he now knelt at her headstone.  Another victim of domestic abuse that could have had her path changed for the better with but a single phrase from an ex-boyfriend.  That phrase that could…

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Sail into the harbor of my soul; tell me your heart

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