Shock and Awe Chapter 11. Human Resources


Breaking into Human Resources office, Radio Check hacks into old-school files.

Scenes of futures past

Chapter 11 Human Resources

Opening the vent, he used his cap once again for its lifting power.

On the floor of the office of human resources, all the police personnel files were kept. Fingerprints, backgrounds, ID photos.


Everything about a man or woman who worked in this town was kept in a paper file to back up computer files. Under lock and key they existed with the watchful organization the obsessive compulsive director of personnel.

Two hasps on a fireproof file cabinet. Each padlock secured with a combination padlock. Different combinations. No one person had access to the sensitive files.

Never slowed down by such things. In the back of each lock was a key access in the event someone forgot the combination.

He had both sides open faster than it would have taken the secretary to dial in the combination on one lock.

Rolling the top drawer open, he…

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