Fire: The oasis.


Lieutenant Rasmussen always worries about any of his team being hurt or dying in the line of duty.

Scenes of futures past


Fire: the oasis

“Vegetation fire.”  The dispatch went out calling upon the men and women that were the foot-soldiers in the yearly dry-season battle of protecting life and property.

Five years into his career, Reibold Rasmussen had earned his stripes. A smoke jumper and a hand crew leader for ground fire attack in the forests. Glittering blue eyes missed little and showed a high intelligence with a quick wit that on occasion was misunderstood by his peers, often that making him laugh even harder at his singular wit.

Today, barely large enough to hold all the equipment, the “Mountain Mike’s” shopping plaza became the command center. The fire plan had posted the rest of the fire teams and equipment around the valley in the pockets of school grounds and church parking areas.

With weather reports were coming in and sent from the command center, the weather service map predicted…

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