Dark Heart, Pure Soul Chapter 5. Love Changes


Tears of an angel can do miracles.

Scenes of futures past

5. Love Changes

Moments passed as she watched his eyes began to shut and sleep in her arms. And she knew and loved him like she loved no other. The angel smiled as the demon slowly further relaxed in her arms and she began to notice a subtle change in him.

The first change was small, but she noticed… His eyes! They are not so red! Spreading down from where the tear landed, his once hideous scar covered and ruined flesh was now no longer appeared so inflicted with the horrors of war. The leathery claw-tipped wings on his back, something glimmered weakly in the light.

THERE! It was a shimmering feather, then two, then four!

Her heart shook with the sight of this change, could this be?

A soft gasp as her heart danced! Where she touched, skin, soft and undamaged was found.

In giving everything of her heart…

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