4. Two Worlds, One Heart(Caution: Not Safe For Work)


An Angel takes a Demon for a lover. In between the dark and the light, they find something greater than the both of their hearts.

Scenes of futures past

4. Two Worlds, One Heart(NSFW)

A soft smile, she stepped close to him with a soft smile, running her hand over the sad ruin of his what only in the loosest of terms could be called skin.

Hesitantly he touched her bare shoulder with a clawed finger. Any other being would recoil in horror from the touch of such a dark being. So much fury and so scarred from past battles, each injury overlapping with another had made a map of pain and scars on his body.

The red-headed angel slipped her arms around his neck, stroking his horned head lightly while she kissed the beak-like face. A hideous arm slid slowly around her and pulled at the soft material that was her only clothing while she undressed him from his skeletal armor.  She Gently pulled him to the bed crafted with great skill by some human, she…

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