3. Devil May Care


Demon makes a choice. It is bad in any measure, but this is >her< any suffering might be worth this moment in time.

Scenes of futures past

3. Devil May Care

Far away on a top of a crag he looked back at her, for a person on horseback it would take two-days ride to travel the distance to where He sat with His tail coiled around a branch of the tree he sat in.

He should leave. His words echoed in his dark mind. This would be bad beyond words if the Dark Master found out. But no matter, she drew him to her since the battle. Drawn to this place and time. His battle-ax, named Claw of Hades keened in the wind. It was as much of him as his tail and nearly as animated. From the time before human memory, Claw of Hades had bitten many who would do battle with the demon. A champion he was, in no battle had he ever been bested, never to return to the Master with pleadings of…

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