The Crash Section 2.


Awkward allies Section 2. Multi-Casualty Incident.


Pain. Damn his head hurt.

His face hurt.

His shoulders? His back? Who kicked him in the ribs?

Bren heard voices and tried to open his eyes when a woman groaned nearby.

“That is the SECOND time I’ve been thrown out of a chair! Captain, I request a transfer to something less painful like Royal Marine training.” It was Lieutenant Yoa’s voice.

Bren found this funny and tried to open his eyes again, but somethign sticky was covering them, warm, sticky and smelled of copper mixed with smoke.

FIRE? Bren ordered fire systems be activated. But only sound that he made was an unintelligible noise.

“fugsystoo.” Even that surprised him.

“Medics over here!” Nician yelled, that caused even more pain. “Bren! It’s Nician. Bren, relax buddy, stay with me. “

What? Stay with him? Nician, damage report.


Who said that? Nician, damage report.

“Nicia dam…”

“Relax Bren, you have a head injury. You’ve bounced around like a rag doll in here. We have a few injuries, Lieutenant Jeffcase has two broken legs, Yoa has a broken nose, we have a few others.”

“What happened?” Bren was finally able to get it out.

“We rolled over. You were standing I think. The impact threw you around when we went over, one full rotation. We are upright with a bit of a list. All communications are down.”

“Oh, okay. Where are we?”

“On the bridge, still. The ship is intact, so far as we can gather.”

“Okay. What happened?”

“We came down too fast, burned out our thrusters and hit too hard. But we are intact.”

“Okay. Where are we?” Bren repeated himself again for several minutes. Slightly exasperating his cousin and best friend.

Shifa Yoa kneeled next to the two men, blood marring an otherwise beautiful face. “Sir,  we established communications intraship.”

Bren’s conciousness slipped from his tenuous grip and he descended into the worry and pain-free darkness of limbo.


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