Welcome to Scenes of Futures Past, Greetings by Author Dash McCallen


Indeed, I had the name long before the most recent “X-Men” offering in the theaters– although Days of futures past would have altered the flavor of the whole blog.  These are not days, but rather scenes, some are extended.

I don’t blog about anything other than my brain-cell arcing with bio-electrical energy creates, sees, smells (Sneezes) and pulls out of the “Aether” (Okay, Ether, but I am not referring to the gaseous anesthetic.) of my imagination.  I won’t go off on politics or how cats are better than dogs or how ferrets are discriminated against.

*What am I working on?* 

Children of Fury is being edited, thanks to Dad (Papa Dash) for proof reading it.

Digital Heart is in second edition on sale at Amazon Kindle.

There are short stories that are here being expanded upon.  Flee which has almost run to its end here has only the epilogue left.  One proofreader has privately expressed disapproval of the ending, feeling that the story has life left.  So, that said, Archer, Stormy, Al, Andrea, Zac Gail, Jameson and Captain Roberts may not be dead.  Well…Roberts might be gone. He stood too long in harm’s way.

In total, including those above, there are some 30 stories in various levels of development.  Not counting those in another website that I have stopped using.

*How does my word differ from others of the genre.*

this is hard to answer.  I cover so many different types, it is hard to get into the details of it. But the one thing that stands out is they have heart.  Sometimes heart is not enough– Not everyone lives.

Sometimes the bad guy wins and the hero/heroine is left crushed in the mud. Sometimes they survive– check out “book 2” or the next chapter.  Heh.

*Why do I write what I do?*

Images come from dreams, driving or walking and the mind wanders slightly. Then I have the story that asks to be put into words instead if living in my mind as images.  Then they– the stories– ask, beg, PLEADING to be shared, told and to touch someone.

“Let us out.”

So I do.

Maybe someday I can sell the books and make enough to buy a coffee. Or a bagel.  Whichever is cheaper.

*How does my writing process work?*

I just write what they do.  I am a bit of a discovery writer– I never know what happens until it does.  A FEW times I have written the ending then did the back story. A lot of the time, I miss the beginning because I am in a car driving when I have the idea or walking somewhere and don’t have a notepad at hand. So by the time I get to sit down to work on the idea. It’s in the middle somewhere.

I have tried to outline a story in the past, but then the characters chose a different path that I wanted to go.  That is the fun of the discovery.  Further, I don’t write down the characters until they become apparent in the story.  This  has the effect of making it as interesting to write as it is to read when finished.

The fun part– sometimes I forget what direction they are traveling. So if you read in one paragraph that the hero/ine is heading east and the next paragraph they are going west (or a north-south route) I got up and was gone for a while.  I forgot what way they went when I got back.  Eh, that’s what proofread is for.

I am going to introduce you to TWO authors…. but I don’t have any yet. I’ll do so as soon as I get some inquired emails answered.

1 I would wish you to enjoy Hocuspocus13!  Here is a person with an eye that is rare, her heart has a power when it’s there. Read her up, let her touch your soul with a smile and a “Oh yeah!” on realizations.

2.  (Still waiting for responses…)

And a big thank you to Éilis Niamh for inviting me to be involved with the blog-hop




Sail into the harbor of my soul; tell me your heart

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