Arrows of Time Chapter 1. Prince’s Log


Arrows of Time


1. Royal Log


Command Log, Prince Bren in command of the Orcus class warship, Peacemaker: We have finished with negotiations with the Momo empire about the raids from across their borders into the agrarian planets. While returning to the capital, we received an urgent call from the Terrelian System. A theft of a biological agent  by someone and they have escaped in a medium range combat ship of their Stellar class.

There is no other ship near enough with our capability and we are responding. My ship, the Peacemaker, is well enough prepared to intercept the person or persons that have taken a biological sample from the planet Terr.

It is not known precisely what the material is that the government complains that’s stolen, but we assigned with the mission to stop the escape of this swift ship. The Terrelian fleet has nothing in the range to stop the ship Meteor.

Prince’s log addendum:

New orders are re-enforcing the order to stop this ship at all costs. New information coming from Terr. This is no advanced strain of plant for the agrarian society. This is a weaponized fungus that will bind to all hydrogen carrying material rendering it inert. Hydrogen that makes up a great part of our biosphere in the form of hydrates, including water. The orders are to stop the Meteor at all costs.

We will stop them no matter what it takes. If this material gets out to a transportation center, it could spread to other worlds before any government can react.

What in the hell are the peace-loving farmers of Terr doing with this weapon? I have forwarded this on to my father the Pirate King and Emperor of the Pirate Confederacy.

`I have ordered all six engines to emergency speed. Alcuburre drive is dancing on the redline of reactor output. We have cleared engineering and all departments affected by over-powering the reactors, damage control will have their hands full after this run is over.

I will update as time allows.


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