Flee Chapter 10. Ocean and Freedom


10. Ocean and Freedom


The Calliope gathered speed, passing ten-knots and they turned south. Following the shore with the land on the right, they sailed into the gathering darkness.

Captain Roberts sat back and sighed contentedly.

“We are clear. Radar shows us with no traffic near and sonar shows that the water depth is increasing nicely. We are in the channel.” The Captain nodded. “Now… I have something to celebrate our escape.”

Hopping off his seat Captain A. J. Roberts opened up a trunk he had lugged from Maribella without a word on what he had inside.

Bottles and bottles of exotic liquors. The largest of which he pulled up.

“RHUM!” He laughed. “All the way from the Caribbean! I bet you have not seen the likes.”

The Archer laughed.

“Actually,” Archer said softly to Rachel, “I have drunk that brand for years.”

Rachel laughed. “I have a bottle of that in my house now.”

The drinking went on for some minutes, The Archer was working on his second cup over ice to the Captains third. The two were seemingly getting into a race.

Suddenly the radio crackled and the Captain choked on his fourth cup of the dark liquor.

“Emergency channel is working! Huzzah!” He grabbed the microphone and called.

“Emergency caller, this is the Calliope out of Brisbane bound for Sydney. Go ahead with your traffic.”

“This is Royal Australian Navy Destroyer Guardsman. Reverse your direction and return the way you came.”

“Negative, Guardsman, we are out of Brisbane, all on board are healthy and are seeking asylum from the chaos of the area.”

“Calliope, this is your last warning, the quarantine now extends to Brisbane, come about now and return to your point of departure.”

“Guardsman, we have women and children on board, we cannot return. Do you wish to condemn them to deal with the collapse of government there?”

“This is Captain Monroe of the RAS Guardsman. Calliope, please reverse your course, I do not wish to fire upon you. Heave to and prepare to be boarded.”

“We are making our way to Sydney. Board us there.” The Captain Roberts replied to Captain Monroe.

“Heave to, or we will fire.”

“Captain.” The Archer was looking out a window. “We have a problem.”

In the air, a heavily armed helicopter suddenly lit up with navigation lights in the failing twilight of the coming evening. Already airborne, missile pods were visible on the sides of the rotary-winged gunship.

Captain Roberts looked out.

“Oh f’kn’ bloody brass nuts.” The Captain said loudly. “If you folks believe in a hell, you might wish to call ‘em an’ ask if they have exchange programs, it is about to become worse than that here. Guardsman is a Hobart Class ship, that there bird be one o’ its hammers.”

“What are those?” Stormy asked as two, then four pinpoint lights seem to move towards them from a mile out.

“Archer?” Andrea asked, pointing out at what Stormy saw.

“Incoming! They’ve opened fire!” The Archer yelled. He reached down to his quiver and pulled out a rolled up plastic bag. Holding two locks of hair close to his heart, he watched the missiles track towards them at unimaginable speed.

“I”m sorry.” He whispered to the last remains of his family as he dropped the baggie over the rail of the yacht. “I’m so sorry I failed.”

“OUT! Abandon ship!” Al was like a bull shoving everyone he could reach towards the railing. The only time in his life he used his hand to hand training to shove a group.

“Abort! ABORT! Do not fire! ABORT! ABORTABORT! We are…” The Captain screamed into the microphone.

It was his last conscious thought as the missiles impacted into the bridge of the Calliope. High explosive warheads sent shockwaves through the vessel. Compressed air heated to thousands of degrees shattered doors and bulkheads as the yacht disappeared in a fireball of continuing weapons fire as the helicopter crew their weapons repeatedly into the remains of the Calliope.

Only after the shattered, burning hull slipped beneath the surface of the water did the gunship return to the Guardsman while the haze and smoke slowly dissipated.

There would be no rescue boats launched as the Guardsman followed orders to set course back to its assigned patrol.


6 thoughts on “Flee Chapter 10. Ocean and Freedom

  1. Zombies and vampires and conspiracy and archery, oh my xD Interesting piece, I certainly think you could have expanded a lot more on this too… best part of the whole was the “Archer lives on caffeine” tho. I can confirm that to be 100% true. Someone calls “coffee” the whole range empties in a moment… and I am free to use all the space :3

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, you are not the first or the only I have received requests to expand on the story. It is on my ‘to do’ list, I want to explore Archer’s backstory some. he has made an appearance in “Married by Mistake”, although with some changes to his life and business. Stormy Knight sits in the other room in one of her own stories. Zac and Andrea, well, those two have a deeply complex life. Not yet sure how to address it, so it is all in evolution.

      Oh! And the Aussie Veterinarian, she has started a Rescue mission for German and Swiss Shepards in addition to her Creative collections. Kennels & Original Kreative Kreation, or KOKK. SO if you want to see something unique, visit her to see the KOKK collection. She has sizes and styles for everyone. Some with lace, fringes, bright colors or otherwise kustomized. (Okay, I’ll stop now, I am having far too much (inappropriate) fun with this.)

      In any event. Flee is on the To Do list of expanding to a full novel. Should be easy to do in my imagination, especially with characters that had more to them but backstories were removed.

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  2. Hi Dash, I’m participating in a blog hop, and would like to mention you in my post! I’d also like to nominate you to participate as well if you choose to. It’s totally up to you. Here’s what you have to do;
    Write a piece on your website for next weekend which answers the following questions. 1. What am I working on?
    2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
    3. Why do I write what I write?
    4. How does my writing process work?

    Include how you know the writer who invited you, and any links to other works, social media, etc Finally, include 2 writers you have nominated whose work and websites you admire, with links to them.

    Just let me know either way!


    • Yes, it would please me to be involved. So long as this is a legit message 😉 I get so many from so many different directions, I don’t get too excited and always look at things exciting with tempered enthusiasm. (Sad, I know, to be so cynical or jaded, but the scars on my heart are numerous. I don’t need more.)

      So that said:

      On the wordpress site? (I also have a booksie site I no longer use) If WordPress, I may have to revamp my index file. *Ponder* or … AH! Make a contest website. “DM_Contest.wordpress.com” or something similar. it will have zero views to start with however.

      NEXT Weekend? right now Friday 30 May? So … TOMORROW?

      Gotta get working. XD All are draft until I hear from you next.


      • Hi Dash, yes, completely legit. My good blog friend, Ali Isaac at http://www.aliisaacstoryteller.wordpress.com invited me to participate, and she’s written hers for this weekend already. You can check it out for ideas if you want. No need to create a new site or anything, just write it up on your blog. BTW I see nothing wrong with your wordpress site, looks great to me! 🙂 I was a bit confused about the next weekend bit too. I think it is next weekend as in June 8, so there’s some time. I’m participating as well and probably won’t get many views either. lol. I wanted to ask you because I very much enjoy your stories and this is a great way for more people to learn about the excellent work of writers you particularly enjoy following. It’s not a contest, just a fun thing to join in on. 🙂


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