Black Frost chapter 7. Presentation


Chapter 7. Presentation


James printed out the report and read it. It was an insane report, with implications that made him forget that he was holding a cup of coffee in his hand.

He stood and reading his report, walked to the open door of his office, calling out into the lab.

“Jaaco? Come in here please.” He motioned to the doctor.

Closing the door behind them as Jaaco walked in.

“What did I do?” He asked. Jaaco was conscientious and in constant worry that he overlooked something. Often getting stressed enough about worrying to miss something, he would make mistakes by over-analyzing.

Jim chuckled and slapped the highly intelligent partner-in-crime gently on the shoulder.

“Nothing old boy. We have a problem I need to read through with you, and you are the very person I need to discuss this with before I take it to Doctor Merrill.”

He handed the printed report to Jaaco.

“This is the most current analysis by the university lab, Niles Freeman leads the team.”

“I know of Doctor Freeman. Excellent mind. He’s got an excellent surfing video online, shot it about a year ago, I would like to meet him.” Doctor Fofana said.

“All well and good! And well you might. But for now, we have to read this report and present it.”

Jaaco looked at the report and his eyes got big.

The profanities the young doctor whispered as he sat back holding the hard copies and punctuated with a dropped jaw, shaking of head and “What? When?”

Finally, standing up he looked at Jim with a haunted look.

“We present this to Doctor Merrill, she will fire us.” Doctor Freeman said. “Me for even holding this.”

“We are only the messengers. If this report is in error, we need to present it before anyone leaks it out, so we can run more tests and discover the errors. If it is correct, we need to present it and double-check the findings to support the hypothesis. This is all very preliminary. This is not the end report. The water in this report came from the frost I scraped up off my front grass this morning.”

“Oh… poop.” Fafana said.



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