Black Frost 5 At The Meeting


Chapter 5 Team Meeting

James and Doctor Fofna sat down as the other administration and scientists filed in.

Sara tapped on her glass as soon as her phone beeped the top of the hour. “We have had a sudden change in an unusual fashion. This morning at the outside of my home water ice in the form of frost was black. It melted into a clear, water like material. If I saw this in my glass, I would not hesitate to drink it. The Secretary of State has called me directly and explained that it has happened worldwide. From the Arctic to the Antarctic. Snow is black, ice is black. We don’t know why. Doctor Cutter has contacted Niles Freeman at the Astrology lab at the university and he is running tests on the water now. We suspect there is an increase of dark matter in the local stellar system. I propose we begin to look with every satellite within the orbit of the moon and answer the question. Is there something that is falling into our atmosphere?”

Doctor Sara Lister picked up her computer notepad and nodded.

“We have reports coming in from all over the world of this phenomenon.” She flipped through screens. “Anywhere there is water or frost, we have reports. Restaurants are reporting black ice to water districts. Filters don’t seem to work and the different laboratories are using filter sizes down to micron size.”

“We have reports from the UK, same effect.” Spoke up Jaaco Fofana, PhD, M.Sc. A know-it-all if there was ever one. But, Oxford taught, he was able to back it up with his encyclopedic knowledge of physics.

“We will coordinate with other facilities around the globe.” Robert Johns MD, PhD tapped on his tablet. “But I don’t see what dark matter will help. That is not a material that would cause ice to turn dark.”

“Really?” James said. “Something turned all the ice dark worldwide. We had a similar event around my home.”

“This will heat up and melt the ice more quickly. We will have flooding on a biblical level.” It was the Director herself. Doctor Joyce Merril. The dark-haired Welsh woman with a sharper mind than most. “The darkening of ice will make it melt faster, not to overstate the obvious, but, if it would turn clear or white under influence of direct sunlight, it would be self-limiting. We need to get teams out to see if this might be so.”

“I have taken a sample to the University Labs. My friend there Niles Freeman is running tests.” James said. “We found when we re-froze the water that it turned dark again. But under strong light, it seemed to bleach out. He will have a report later today or tomorrow.”

“Please put a rush on that report, we would need it stat. The public will be demanding answers from the politicians who will be looking at us for those answers.” Doctor Merrill said.

“I will. He is an old friend from my college days. You cannot find a sharper mind on a surf board.”


“He spends time on the water, he is a highly ranked as amateur surfer in the local contests.” James smiled.

“Yes, well. Just get the reports to me.” And she stood up and walked out.

“Of course, Joyce, as soon as possible.”


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