Black Frost Chapter 4 In The Sky


Chapter 4 In the sky


Driving up the highway and towards the astronomy labs, there were more than the normal number of people standing outside the doorway.

The night shift was still there. Doctor Cutter recognized Doctor Lee Hu, he never walked when the sun was up. A pure night-owl.

It looked like someone called a meeting.

“JIM!” It was Sara Lister, Ph.D. Sc.D and Acting Director of the entire project since the departure of Kragen Atlan when he accepted a position in the office of the Secretary of State. “JIM! Jesus, I have been calling you all morning, where have you been? I have called a meeting, the Secretary of State called me herself. Directly. I need answers to a problem. All ice worldwide has gone dark and they expect us to know what it is.”

“I have a sample in with Niles Freeman at the university now.” Jim nodded.

“What? How…”

“The morning frost was black at my house, too. He will have a report for us soon, I hope.” He looked into her dark eyes. Half-Basque (don’t dare call her Spanish)and half-French, she was the shining star of her town that collectively sent her to college. She in turn had sent many other children in village of less than two-thousand to college.

“You get that report, I have to tell her something, the president is breathing down her neck and she is breathing down the neck of every director in the nation. We have to come up with an answer in the next few hours.”

“Just us?”

“Jim. We in astrophysics, NASA is looking into it as well, they have the crew in the ISS freezing water now.”

“Any news on that?”

“No. But we have a meeting so I can get all the staff here on the same page, it is in five-minutes, I suggest getting in there now.”


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