Shock And Awe Chapter 7. Mainframe


Chapter 7. Mainframe

He crawled through the large diameter air shaft to find the data center. The mainframe computer needed a lot of very cool air, the ventilation for the large system would be extensive.

It was easier to find than on the blueprints.

Turning his back to dispatch, it was directly across from the demands of its internet access, the computer-aided dispatch and radio systems. Residing behind two-sets of locked doors, no security cameras were present inside.

Using the small fiber-optic camera, he could only see a series of rate of rise heat detectors. Nodding, he backed the fiber-optic cable out, placing a yellow flashing light on the inside of the air-return chamber. Unseen from the outside, they served only identify the correct vent for him.

Pushing on the spring-loaded vent cover, it swung down and stopped on friction-braked hinges. Carefully, he positioned the big musket across the hole, he pulled a coil of line with a foot loop from the small winch disguised as a mountain man’s cap.

Double checking the tablet-sized computer in his pocket and a universal USB-cable adapter. He dropped down in a using the cable to control his descent to the floor, he looked around before flipping his leather mask up for better vision and, as observed by the little flex-camera he used, no video cameras were in the small room.

With care, he followed a cable that fed from the ceiling to the back of a cabinet where he pressed an old style, round RCA adapter into a port in the back of the console and pressed a button on his headset, he smiled at the sound of a radio working perfectly.

“Radio service, radio check.”

Five by five, outer limits.”

This made him smile softly ”outer limits” referring to an old tv show that started with a famous line to those that were fans.

We are controlling transmission.

Kneeling down, the Radio Service plugged in to a USB port on the tablet and the opposite end into the console. Nodding after a moment while an icon turned green in the upper right corner, he had gained access to a low-level, unprotected file and caused a reboot of the core system.

Thirty seconds later, the system rebooted completely, with him in control. Using VOIP he connected to another computer that was now logged into a wi-fi signal, “Sheriff Backbone WIFI”. Spoofing the MAC address of a local squad car that the team previously sniffed out as it drove by one evening on mundane duties.

Voice check main core.”

Copy five by five. Outer limits. We are in control of your set.

Dispatch please.

Engaged, system logs will self-destruct in five-minutes. All conversation now will be over intranet in-house. We have control of all video and radio transmission. Radio Check, you are the invisible man.

Unplugging from the computer, he calmly walked over to the door and slowly opened it, blocking the lock with a UPC bar code from a box of Cap’n Crunch purchased at a mom and pop shop that never installed video cameras, with cash, the year before and he looked out. Doors were open and the sounds were of emergency traffic. They were all focused on the barricaded person in the main floor men’s room.



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