Black Frost chapter 2 Niles


Chapter 2. Niles

“I’m in my car heading to your lab. Were are you?”

“I’m in the quarters upstairs. I did an all nighter, dude, what are you bringing? Do I have to suck down some espresso or can this wait.”

“How the fuck to I know?” James still did not have his blood flowing, his brain still clung to the webs of sleep. “Niles. I am listening to the radio, this shit is all over the place. I am … I mean, I am suspecting that this is a dark matter that has a nanopartical effects, not just passing through as WIMPs. I have studied this for years. But usually it never reacts with anything.”

“Dude, tell me when you get here. Does this have to do with anything on that paper you wrote last year?”

“No, Niles. I need to remind you that you are a doctor these days, saying “Dude” is an oxymoron.”

“What, you don’t appreciate an astrophysicist African-American pagan surfer who also is a xenogeologist that can STILL drink you under the table? Who is getting old, old man?”

James laughed. For just waking his old friend up, the man was still funny as hell.


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