Children of Fury Chapter 12. The News


The News

During the harvest feast, during the week of the Samhain, Fey was sitting with Conn at dinner with Beli, Donal, Niamh and Gael. After they settled down and spoke of family business, Gael and Niamh began to watch Fey, the elder women began to whisper among themselves that Fey appeared slightly different, a certain… Something.

  Fey wore a constant subtle smile for no clear reason, but the older women suspected the truth of it all. They also knew that the men were oblivious to the young wife’s movements and attitude.

At the end of dinner, Fey looked at Conn in an odd way as if she had something on her mind to say and took his hand in hers.

Drawing a breath, the young wife spoke. “Conn, I wanted to say this in front of everyone.”

Before Conn asked his question of what she was talking about, thinking that he had done something wrong, Fey spoke softly.

“You’re going to be a father.” His wife, best friend and lover said.

Conn’s mother whooped that Fey was pregnant, not waiting for the young man to have the news sink in.

Conn looked at the women folk like they had lost their minds, when Donal and Beli realized what the women were going on about as Donal tapped Beli on the shoulder and whispered a suggestion into the nodding Beli’s ear .

Beli and Donal stood up as the women would do nothing but shush the men from talking. Then Beli leaned over to Conn.

“We have lost all control of this conversation, son. Time to abandon ship.” Beli said softly to Conn, taking care that younger man followed in the wake of the older men.

After they had left the table with Donal, the men sat at a table under an oak tree by the road. Producing a bottle of a fine whiskey that made Conn’s tongue numb after the first drink.

“We need to call a guild meeting and announce this to the men. Otherwise the women will be in charge.” Donal told Conn.

“Women are always in charge!” Beli said, laughed and poured more of the potent brew into his mouth. Conn only looked puzzled as his two elders laughed as if they spilled a secret.

Conn wondered how his father could imbibe such strong drink. The whiskey burned his own throat and took his breath away and made his eyes water. Conn coughed and gasped, amusing his elders. The two patriarchs amazed Conn — again. As the elders always had throughout his life.  How could they drink such vile stuff?

Soon after, they had set up house and Conn announced to the village of a new addition to the O’Danu clan and, according to tradition, the women of the clan threw a party and the Matriarch of the Clan, Gael O’Danu oversaw the events.

The party was a raucous affair and the house was host for two days of anyone who knew, thought they knew or knew someone who knew of the village. All were welcome while the women giggled and ate the food and delicacies that were laid out while the men of the clan cooked, drank beer, sipped uisce beatha, sang and danced.

It was a party spoke of with fond memories in the years that followed.

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