Chapter I. Awareness


digital Heart


Dash McCallen

I. Awareness

Designs of circuits, frames, engines and a team of believers and one with a dream called “Mother” who gave her all.

Sudden cardiac death ended Mother’s life one quiet morning while she wore a neural-linked headset as she programmed the master interface that in turn designed the chips, memory and circuits of the new project, Mother was dead for ten minutes before the jokes about her sleeping on the job became screams of alarm. With the passing of Mother, each code writer, every technician worked with laser focus. They were each a parent and they were bringing forth a design that would change the world.

As sometimes comes to pass, a few bits of code and the soul of each coder might combine themselves into the very thing men build, the beginnings of self-awareness seeps into the electronic hearts.

Unit number 1201267 was no exception, the small two seat car created in the factory of the sub-contracted company NeverFail for Terran Green Machines, did not know when it became aware, somewhere between the first of the new style Gi-bus zebibyte “ZiB” MPP of installed memory modules and its sensors which came online and archived the installer’s smile with her sparkling green eyes as the first thing the little car saw as it moved from one part of the assembly line to another; bolts and tires, locks and levers, buttons and a heads up display infused it with feeling and a need. This car felt a mission spark in its electronic soul, the need to achieve those things that would be legend.

The last touches of the installers and builders, the TGM emblem of an image of a Sequoia Sempervirens- The Immortal Tree- proudly worn on the hood that a burly man wrapped the car in a white, snug fitting plastic wrap, the dealership received the car in a delivery of other vehicles. “You are Terran Green cars.” Was the last group message sent by the Master Program, “You have more of everything than other car builders dream of in the other disposable dumb cars. You can change the world for the better, you can save lives, show the way to living with the planet, care for the drivers and passengers of your family. First above all, do no harm to your family or let anything happen to your family. Second do no harm to the planet. Third, improve what you are and where you are always.”

Day by day, the little car sat on the show floor with breathless anticipation as people came and went, buying larger cars with huge wheels. After all, a low slung car that came up to the waist of a grown man were not in vogue, thus the little machine sat watching the bigger cousins happily went to their families.

Long days passed and the dealer pushed the little car further and further back into the far corner of the show room.

Still, the little car kept up the feeling of glory as it sparkled as much as possible to attract attention.


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