A peek inside of “Dark Heart, Pure Soul” The making of an epic.


The Demon, also known a Cuinn, Kane and Gil. His original name, Orcus, is found later in life, once was the Emperor of the underworld and punisher of broken oaths and promises, he stepped down and allowed his next-in-command, Hades, to take the throne. Orcus abdicated his position and made his case to the powers to be with the one human female named Bronwyn, there he was granted to live out a normal human life. It was due to the untimely loss of her life that he turned to chaos and destruction. Ruled the underworld differently than as it currently was.

Bronwyn, once a female human. Not overly religious as a human, she was passionate and a good mother and mate, wife and best friend to Orcus. A would be queen of her time. A disaster took her and all her children at once while they strove to help others. Orcus was consumed with anger that descended into pure hatred of all humans and gods on every level.

Finis- the Angel of Death.An angel that does not like his job. He has a slightly twisted sense of humor and enjoys a good joke and a laugh. Although he can appear as anything and anyone at anytime. His favored appearance is one of an older man with white hair pulled back into a pony-tail. A white goatee that is occasionally braided in different shapes. Strongly resembling what Santa might look like if Santa spent too much time in the gym working out.  He is broad of shoulder and narrow of hip, his main affectation is a walking cane with a silver handle that he uses to put people at ease and to occasionally thump someone who is not yet due to die but needs to be reminded that mortality is but a moment away. Finis is unhappy with his position, but still remains someone who would be fun to talk to and take a walk with. Sometimes referring to himself as “The Oldest Escort in History”.

Emperor of Hell- Satan, his current position was taken from the previous emperor whose line of ascension goes back in the time line to include Hel, Hades, Orcus, Dis Pater and others. Satan is not the most powerful of the emperor’s, but is among the most ruthless and, although he keeps to the letter of a contract, does not follow the spirit of any wishes. Universally despised by everyone, even in his empire of destruction and hopelessness.

Hel, followed by Bhavani, Kali and Mahakali, does not appear in any stories, but as simply a side-note, Hel ruled so efficiently, that the underworld was referred to Hell after that. She was simply the Guardian of the Dead, to prevent darker forces from trying to inhabit non-living bodies and corrupting the throne on which she sat.

Michael and Gabriel, best of friends, if somewhat opposed to each other’s view of things.  Michael is constantly annoyed by Gabriel’s music with his trumpet, Gabriel thinks of Michael as too dour. Gabriel likes to party with an old God, Bacchus, from time to time.

Bacchus is never mentioned.

Lord of All things.  S/he is who one needs to talk to at the time. S/he is all things one could talk to, male or female, young or old and loves each person as s/he works in the garden. Master of the game, outmaneuver the Emperor of Hell frequently.

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