Dark Heart, Pure Soul Chapter 5. Love Changes


5. Love Changes

Moments passed as she watched his eyes began to shut and sleep in her arms. And she knew and loved him like she loved no other. The angel smiled as the demon slowly further relaxed in her arms and she began to notice a subtle change in him.

The first change was small, but she noticed… His eyes! They are not so red! Spreading down from where the tear landed, his once hideous scar covered and ruined flesh was now no longer appeared so inflicted with the horrors of war. The leathery claw-tipped wings on his back, something glimmered weakly in the light.

THERE! It was a shimmering feather, then two, then four!

Her heart shook with the sight of this change, could this be?

A soft gasp as her heart danced! Where she touched, skin, soft and undamaged was found.

In giving everything of her heart she had taken all of his darkness. Even the battle-ax in the corner fell completely silent.

Faster the change came, the clawed hands softening and losing the hellish tips, becoming graceful fingers that even the smallest child would love to hold.

The face was the last to change, the beak that was his mouth, becoming softer, a wide mouth so capable of a smile, the teeth now no longer fangs, but perfect and unbroken.

The black horns transformed to soft hair. The rage filled eyes faded from red to a green-blue hue as he opened them and looked at her for the first time, taking in her face with clarity.

Beneath the heavy scars on his chest that now covered with a soft sparse downy hair, the heart began to beat with volume as the power of the pump exerted itself, She could feel it beneath her hand in his chest.

The sound of the heart was like the name the Others call her.

“Bron-wyn, Bron-wyn, Bron-wyn.” It beat for her and for her alone. The smile of the angel made her cheeks ache as she put her ear to his chest and she held him to close to her.

Here among this Terran setting. Neither one place or the other, this was their place now. No one could invade and now he was one of the host. He smiled up at her, his voice spoke her name for the first time in words that she could understand. Speaking only her name he pulled her down for a kiss. The lips touch hers with the gentleness of the greatest of lovers. As the kiss broke, she looked at him, smiled and stroked her fingers through his hair.

His eyes where slow to open and his face lit up with a great smile seemed to warm the room and the storm outside seemed quieter out of respect of his new spirit.

But the smile was brief, and as the smile fading suddenly and his skin grew cool. His blue-white feathers changed suddenly and revert back to the leather skin.

“no-No-NO!” Her only response she could do. “Do not let this be!”

But no matter her plea, the change was rapid as his dark side reasserted itself. His anger at the attempt to change him manifested itself with his eyes staining with the old red fury.

He pulled away in anger, he got out of the bed and stepped away from her. She attempted to follow him for a step as he held out a now taloned fingered hand to Claw of Hades, the ax, now keening loudly for battle against Her, it flew across the room to the hand of its owner. Ready to do its the wish of its master.

She moved towards him holding her hand out plaintively, his blood-red eyes become brighter with fury as his barbed tail made a sound like a bull whip as it whipped out in a blur at her face and caught the barbed tail in her hand.

Hisses spilled out of him as he tugged with his tail and only after a brief pause, she sadly releases the demons tail.

His fury redoubled at being held for even a moment at a disadvantage, claws and fangs with his weapon ready, the demon turned to face her, his eyes faded for a moment as the anger cooled but then returned. With a shriek he was gone in smoke and thunder that shook the walls of the inn that left only dissipating smoke and the light smell of sulfur in the air.

The angel hung her head weeping for a moment until she became aware of the sounds of approaching people – humans – were coming to investigate the sounds of explosions from the room.

In two long steps she recovered her sword and armor departing in a flash of light as the door of the bedroom burst open, with the first of the men whose only vision is of a fading after image of a beautiful, winged and nude woman with a large knife in her hand.

The three men walked downstairs to tell of what they saw to those that would listen and to those that laughed and said that they had too much of the spirits and not the spirit they said they had seen.

In time the story passed into the role of legend around the pubs, joining the other ghost stories told everywhere.

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