Dark Heart, Pure Soul Chapter 4. Two Worlds, One Heart(Caution: Not Safe For Work)


4. Two Worlds, One Heart(NSFW)

A soft smile, she stepped close to him with a soft smile, running her hand over the sad ruin of his what only in the loosest of terms could be called skin.

Hesitantly he touched her bare shoulder with a clawed finger. Any other being would recoil in horror from the touch of such a dark being. So much fury and so scarred from past battles, each injury overlapping with another had made a map of pain and scars on his body.

The red-headed angel slipped her arms around his neck, stroking his horned head lightly while she kissed the beak-like face. A hideous arm slid slowly around her and pulled at the soft material that was her only clothing while she undressed him from his skeletal armor.  She Gently pulled him to the bed crafted with great skill by some human, she held him down gently and began to stroke the dark muscle of his sex.

He gasped as he caressed her flawless skin with a finger and in turn he drew a hissing breath of shock and pleasure as she took matters into her mouth, taking from him his pain as well as giving pleasure. A slow caress along his naked form while she kissed the horror of his chest, an ancient scar from a wound that she herself had inflicted was still obvious under the many other scars.

She moved slowly, exploring a body that was at once both familiar and new. Moving with intent, she slid her leg over his chest so that his long forked tongue to enter her as she leaned forwards taking his erection with her hands and mouth.

A gasp as she pulled back, the sensations he was causing was far beyond pleasure. She turned around and she sat astride him. His clawed fingers pinched her nipples as she slid her pelvis close to that tongue that was giving her such pleasure, so she could watch him perform his skills on her labia.

A soft moan as his long arms caressing her breasts as he slowly used his tongue as a sex organ. The angel gasped as the demon grabbed her hips, and growling, pushed her tasted and wet regions down to his waiting member.

She Leaned over, pressing her breasts against his chest while her lips kissed where his lips once were. Looking deeply into fury-filled eyes with her own crystalline clear she let him penetrate her body willingly. Gasping, the horned head arched backwards and his eyes closed in pleasure his body entered hers.

Slowly, gently at first she moved with pain mixed with pleasure, the pain it was almost even more that she could take. As she forced him to gaze into her eyes, she held him within her, she knew that those of his kind never open unless pushed. Some hearts, buried deep in scar and pain, never open to the outside world. It is those hearts forever trapped in darkness, to worship hate and wish death to those things they see as a weaker species.

She began to ride him more rapidly taking his full length in, pressing against the back wall of her chamber. Taking from him his darkness and gives to him her brightness of soul. In that one moment she did that which is unheard of; for it was of such things that wrote legends passed down from generation to generation. That this angel, her love for this demon and his darkness that has driven him, she took all he could give.

Two bodies joined together with fury and love, in the trembling, clenching, gasping of that moment. These two beings, one sacred and one profane, found somewhere in the middle of those extremes something that was greater than the powers of either of them.

In her giving herself in such a way she took from him the darkness he had released. The pain slowly receded from deep inside her. The dark seed that flowed into her, faded like a shadow the bright intensity of her being.

Gasping as she slowly relaxed, she slid him out of her and stretched full length along side this one known as a destroyer. Stroking his body gently as he lay in her arms. The angel smiled down at the quiescent form that looked back at her while he gave her a gentle caress of her face with a clawed finger. Smiling softly as she gave a kiss to the face that only she could love. Still, so much ruin that was there broke her heart.

This demon, a warrior of the first rank, a leader of legions of demons and imps, in the post-coital moment he relaxed by degrees in her arms. The weeping of her heart gave birth to a single tear that escaped and trickled down her nose and dropped on one of his twisted horns as her fingers caressed his torn and scarred skin.


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