3. Devil May Care


3. Devil May Care

Far away on a top of a crag he looked back at her, for a person on horseback it would take two-days ride to travel the distance to where He sat with His tail coiled around a branch of the tree he sat in.

He should leave. His words echoed in his dark mind. This would be bad beyond words if the Dark Master found out. But no matter, she drew him to her since the battle. Drawn to this place and time. His battle-ax, named Claw of Hades keened in the wind. It was as much of him as his tail and nearly as animated. From the time before human memory, Claw of Hades had bitten many who would do battle with the demon. A champion he was, in no battle had he ever been bested, never to return to the Master with pleadings of mercy, never reborn or healed. It was his skill to win or perhaps knowledge of how to avoid a losing battle as well. It had never been said that any of his kind were overly courageous. The orange-red of his eyes scanned around him closely, the growing storm was to his liking.

Nodding as he chose his next action and with a shriek that matched the building wind, he kicked off the ground and into the darkening sky with powerful strokes of his claw tipped wings as he banked and headed to where she waited.

Soaring close to the ground, he landed outside the massive walls of the inn and simply fading to a shadow, he entered the hallway directly. Never one to go straight into a place that even remotely could be a trap, he knew she had her weapons and that over sized knife of hers was something to worry about. It carried a gem that had the blessing of her Lord in its blade and that made it more dangerous in the extreme.

Looking at the stairs, he did not stop to admire of the beauty or workmanship, he placed a clawed foot at the first step and launched himself silently up the stairs letting his wings catch the air, letting himself soar upwards without touching anything. His fury stained eyes scanning back and forth alert for a trap. He was always on the lookout, a millennium of experience saw to that.

He stepped through the door cautiously. His razor-clawed hands gripped the battle-ax ready to do battle, the fury that colored his eyes fading slightly on the sight of her.

Knowing that if the Dark Master ever found out, the punishment would be beyond comprehension, but this was HER!

The demon put the keening ax down with great care next to her weapon. Both weapons so recently joined in battle with one another now sat in the corner together in quiet peace.

He a deep breath, was he ready for what was to happen next? Right or wrong, he was here for something that was in his heart.


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