2. Arrival


The delicate hand pulled off her cloak, revealing the true nature of this lone traveling woman.

Her beauty.

Chain-mail and plated armor covered her torso and chain encased her legs. The chain mail was unusual, unlike any earthly kind ever created. So finely made it fit against her like liquid on her skin. The links of metal shimmered softly in the light as she pulled it off over her head slowly, as if she was reluctant to live without the hard second skin.

The newcomer carefully unbuckled the sheathed sword from her hip and she gently placed her weapon with quiet reverence on the table near the door. The weapon hummed ever so slightly then went quiet, for it too sensed him.

This crimson-haired warrior slipped off the silken top that covered her upper body. Her breasts were not large, but still stood up to the heavy armor, cloth and gravity. A human woman would have hated her if they saw her like this.

Carefully folding the fabric, she placed her clothing on the table next to the weapon then she stood and looked out the window into the blackness wearing just a small loin cloth. Her silver-white wings stretched out, after being molded against her body for travel it felt good to this angel to have her wings set free.

Her body shimmered with the power that she carried within. The same power that would make a whole roomful of people not give her a second glance or make an innkeeper lose all memory where he got so much money at one time.

As she looked out the window into the gathering storm with non-human eyes, she could see him easily.  He sat chewing his lips, making her sigh, all he had to do let go of his fear.

“This is what was and will be again.” She whispered to him. Even so far away she knew he could hear her, she could see his pinnae twitch.


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