Accidental Husband Chapter 11. Day Flight


 Chapter 11. Day Flight

Folding and packing clothes into boxes for the smaller drawers of the Fleeting Fantasy, Tom waited for his accidental wife to arrive.

The Pacific Wizard sat on the tarmac, and he walked around and inspected for dents, loose rivets and marine growth. It had been in the ocean for almost a week straight.

He liked the motion it had when it floated on the water, and the neighborhood was much quieter than at the airport with the flights coming and going every few minutes. But, inspecting it was necessary with the growth of marine life, and even with carbon fiber and titanium, corrosion was a hazard with salt water intrusion.

The bulk of the Pacific Wizard had been built with titanium and carbon fiber, a great deal of corrosion free materials.

Tom worried, still.

It was an expensive RV, but it was his favorite. He had the pontoons on the wings modified by the builder so they folded into recesses on the wing-tips.

Tom had larger, more powerful engines than the rest of the fleet that Tom’s investment company purchased. To his pleasure, the greater efficiency of the new engines produced more power and still used less fuel. The new engines extended his range without the modified fuel system holding more fuel.

He still had the fuel systems modified to his specs by the company that built the jet. All of the changes were now included in the later versions produced after his flying yacht.

Tom walked slowly around the hull, tugged at the landing gear and the doors, nothing was loose. Everything was smooth and the seals were intact. Climbing up through the top hatch, he checked the engines, running his hands over the compressor blades and the smooth painted surfaces of the nacelles.

Walking out on the wings, he crawled along on his hands and knees and inspected the control surfaces. Everything was in perfect shape.

Tom was still standing on the left wing when Barbara walked up, escorted by a TSA officer.

“Hi William! Thanks for escorting her.” Tom called down, then disappeared inside the Pacific Wizard.

Stepping out the door of the out-of-service jet carrying two plastic bins of clothes, Tom put the bins down in front of William and Barbara as they stood near the Pacific Wizard.

“Tom, she says that you two are…  married?”

“That’s right! It was an elopement. Kind of surprised us, too.”

“Mister Harte, you are always entertaining. I always look forward to working here when you are around.” William the officer laughed.

“Thank you for your company, William.” Barbara said.

“Yes, Missus Harte. “ William laughed, “I’ll never get used to saying that!”

“Barbara, please.”

“Yes, Missus… er… Barbara.” William said as he walked off.

“Are you friends with everyone? I would have thought that a rich-bitch like you would have kept away from the common people.” Barbara said to Tom as William walked away.

Tom chuckled as he picked up the boxes again and they walked towards the Fleeting Fantasy.

“Yeah… no. I worked with the “common people” for years before I started to write. I had written for a long time and had only expanded past my personal writing when I had found computers. After that, the challenge was to find someone who is willing to publish.” Tom said as they entered the smaller plane.

“Smaller” was inaccurate, but what he called it. It was the same model of aircraft, but with smaller engines and did not have the retractable pontoons on the wings.

“Why is getting published a challenge?”

“No one wants to publish works by someone who has not been published before.” They sat in the flight deck of the large plane. Tom pulled on a headset that kept his ear uncovered on the side that was near her.

“How does someone have a book published, then”

“That’s the trick… Just a moment.” He called into his headset to the tower. Then turned back to Barbara. “I had filed a flight plan before you arrived.”

“Oh you knew I was going to coming with you?”

“No, just a standard precaution. In case something happens and if we are late by more than a half-hour, they will come look for us.”

“Oh wow, I never knew that.”

“Okay, well, they cleared us to taxi. Sit in that chair, belt in and hold on. I’m going to show off a bit with these Rolls Royce engines. A touch of teenager and fast car – with a big boy’s toy instead of a car.”

Barbara laughed and cinched down her seat belt.

“Don’t touch anything. Just look out the window and enjoy the sights.”

They taxied to the end of the runway and Tom spoke some more into the microphone that jutted out from his headphones.

“November-Alpha Foxtrot one-two-zero; cleared for runway three-one west.”

“And up, up, and away.” Tom pushed two levers forward and the engines in back increased in pitch. Pausing for a moment, he let the brakes off and the plane accelerated as if it were kept in a hangar too long and was anxious to quit the earth and fly. They rapidly gathered speed down the runway and Tom began to say words to himself.

“Vee-One. Faster and faster, faster we run.”

“Vee-R and rotate to the stars.”

“Vee-two, off the ground and into the blue.”

Calling into the headset, Tom thanked the air control and they began to climb out over the ocean. The greens and blues of the coast contrasted with the white of the coastal fog as they climbed to their designated altitude.

“This is beautiful!” She said looking out the window. “I never knew this was such an incredible view from here.”

“Yes, the flight deck has the best view.” Tom nodded. “You have never been up here just to look before.”

“No, it was at night and we did other… Stuff.” She winked.

“We can, um… “ He paused for a second “Miss the sights once we make our altitude. We can see what your view is like.”

“You have already been there!”

“And I will again!”

“TOM!” She said in mock shock.”You are impossible.”


Inviting him to the back of the plane she dropped her clothing as she stepped back behind the pilot seats, to a sofa that ran along the windows.

“Is this against some regulation to leave the driver’s seat?”

“Pilot, and yes. It’s frowned upon, but we are the only two on the ship, so if I am back on the flight deck quickly, we will be okay.

“How did you get away with it the other day?”

“We didn’t exactly hold to the law.” Tom said.

Smiling as she sat in the chair behind Tom, slowly pulling off her top, giving him a show. Surprising her pilot-husband with the look that she was not wearing any panties. Hiking up her long skirt that she had worn earlier that day when he had tried to save her.

“Autopilot, on. Check…” And he stepped out of the pilot’s seat.

The slow naked dance in the seat behind, she teased Tom with every view she could think of. Correcting him every few minutes to stay on the flight deck while she danced outside of the line that separated the flight-deck from the rest of the cabin.

Smiling, she teased him without mercy with the all the views of her body.

Laughing and kissing her breasts before he sat back down. She joined him, naked in the right hand seat. Keeping her hands off the controls, she looked out over the state.

“I can say this for sure, this is not common to have naked people sitting in the front of the plane.” Tom said, staring at the her breasts, his eyes drawn to where the skin darkened to the areola. He noted that she had a color shade, leaning to pheomelanin in her nipples.

The darker part of the skin tended more to the reddish than brown. The effect was a dramatic and eye-catching contrast against her skin.

Especially just after he had kissed them and they still puckered from the touch of his lips to her flesh.

If the FAA ever caught wind of what was going on with the pilot of this plane, he would never fly again.

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